The Secure Media Library with Digital Signage for Primary Schools

Media Pod Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be technical to use Media Pod??

    No, Media Pod has been designed specifically for use within a primary school environment for both teachers and children.

  • Can Media Pod be accessed by children?

    Yes, children can access Media Pod - they can be set up to either just view videos, view and edit videos, or view, edit and upload videos.

  • Can I access Media Pod from home?

    Yes, Media Pod can be access from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • What devices can I access Media Pod from?

    Any device with an internet browser - this includes computers and mobile devices like iPads.

  • What can I upload to Media Pod?

    Videos, photos and audio files..

  • What format do videos need to be?

    You do not need to worry about format as Media Pod will convert them for you.

  • Do I get training on how to use my school’s Media Pod?

    Yes, free webinar based training is included as standard. These are run on a regular basis and are all advertised on the website. You have the ability to register for as many sessions as you like in order to provide flexibility for your staff.

  • Can I upload videos from my iPad or mobile device?

    Yes, users can either upload videos and images held in their camera roll or can select the camera and upload videos recorded immediately.

  • What is digital signage?

    It is the digital and more engaging take on traditional school signage. Television screens are used to display videos, images, messages and other information. The content displayed can be easily changed and different content can be displayed on different screens.

  • What can you display on Media Pod’s digital signage?

    Any content from Media Pod (videos and photos) including children’s digital schoolwork, twitter, RSS feeds, message pools, and clocks.

  • How easy is it to set up the digital signage?

    Very simple. All you need to provide is a screen and an internet connection. The Media Pod signage player(s) (sold separately) just need to be connected to the internet and connected to each TV. They are preconfigured for your school’s Media Pod so once they are online they will work immediately.

  • How many digital signage displays can I use with Media Pod?

    The Media Pod licence lets you set up an unlimited number of screens. For each screen you will need to purchase a digital signage player that is sold separately at a cost of £99 ex. VAT each.

Educational Resources
  • Can I not just use YouTube?

    YouTube is a great platform for social video however it is not a great resource for primary schools. Videos on YouTube often contain distractions, inappropriate comments, adverts and links to other videos. These security issues mean that quite a lot of schools restrict access to YouTube. Media Pod is your own platform that is specific to your school so the content is moderated and controlled, without adverts or distracting links.

  • What digital content do I have access to that I can use in teaching?

    With Media Pod you can browse a huge library of educationally relevant television and radio programmes, including:

    • The BBC Digital Archive – everything broadcast by the BBC back to 2007 – over one million recordings.
    • The BBC Shakespeare Archive – all Shakespeare content owned by the BBC – over 600 items
    • Media Pod Freeview Archive – a huge selection of educational Freeview recordings
    • Planet eStream User Archives – all Freeview content recorded by the users of Media Pod’s sister product - Planet eStream - which has a user base of over 2,000 secondary schools, colleges and universities.
    • There are also collections of primary specific television content. These allow you to easily download a batch of content that contains programmes specific to certain primary subject areas.

    Media Pod is available under annual subscription for all educational organisations within Europe.

    Please note that advertised access to educational content from the BBC or any other broadcast source via the Media Pod Connect service is only available to UK educational organisations under the ERA Licensing scheme. Any customers outside of the UK region will be able to enjoy all other features offered, but are not eligible for access to this feature on their Media Pod platform.

    For further information on the ERA licensing scheme please follow this link;

  • What tools do I have available in Media Pod to make videos for use within class?

    Media Pod allows you to edit videos, add chapters and also create interactive quizzes around videos.

  • Can I let parents view content?

    Yes, you can email links to content and you can set these links to expire. You can also add content to the ‘Parent Pod’ so when parents log in they can navigate to their child’s class to view what content has been uploaded.

  • Can I share content around the school?

    You can email links and embed videos into other platforms, including websites, and send videos straight to digital signage displays.

  • Can I share content with my class?

    Yes - and uploaded media can be showcased at the front of the class on an interactive whiteboard.

  • What if we want to upload content that we don’t want children to access?

    All staff users have the ability to mark content as staff only, which means children cannot view this content. Staff only content can be made available for children to access at a later date if required.

  • Can anyone view videos on Media Pod?

    No, Media Pod is specific to your school and users are required to log in to access content.

  • How much video will my Media Pod store?

    As standard your Media Pod will store approximately 1,250 hours of video and each month you can view approximately 500 hours of video.

  • Is Media Pod available outside of the UK?

    Unfortunately at this time Media Pod is only available to UK primary schools.

  • Can I use Media Pod in a secondary school?

    Media Pod is specifically designed for primary education and is therefore licensed only for use within primary schools. Planet eStream is Media Pod’s sister product designed for use in secondary education.