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A standard Media Pod licence is £275 ex. VAT per annum and covers schools with a total pupil count of up to 100. Please note that Media Pod is only available for purchase on a whole school basis, therefore, schools with a total pupil count of over 100 would pay an additional 75p per pupil over and above the standard licence allowance. Please enter the total number of pupils at your school below and the order form will update costs automatically. Please note the maximum annual subscription charge is £599 ex. VAT per school regardless of pupil number.

Digital Signage

To use Media Pod's digital signage functionality with your school signage screens, you will require our specific Media Pod signage players. Please note, one player is required per signage screen. Please select the number of signage players you would like to add to your order below.

You are not required to order signage players at this point - they can be purchased at a later date.

By submitting your order for Media Pod you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. .

Media Pod is available under annual subscription for all educational organisations within Europe.

Please note that advertised access to educational content from the BBC or any other broadcast source via the Media Pod Connect service is only available to UK educational organisations under the ERA Licensing scheme. Any customers outside of the UK region will be able to enjoy all other features offered, but are not eligible for access to this feature on their Media Pod platform.

For further information on the ERA licensing scheme please follow this link;

Order Details
Qty Name Item Price
1 Media Pod Primary School 12 Month Annual Subscription Licence
For schools with a total pupil count of up to 100
Additional Pupil Cost @ 75p per head 12
0 Media Pod Digital Signage Player
VAT at 20%
Total Price